Solidarity International Academy

About Us


The Solidarity International Academy is the result of a vision and determination of a handful of missionaries from Nepal  and abroad. A dream to establish a model education institution in Makawanpur was realised with the establishment of the school.The school has  celebrated 25 glorious years of quality education.It strives to give the best education for all. 

The school is run by Solidarity Public Educational Trust. Currently there are 1700 students studying in the school. Over 1300 students have appeared for the SEE examinations. The school has a history of academically leading the district in  Grade 8 and 10 examinations.

At the same time the school runs a sponsorship scheme. 118 students study in the school with free boarding and school facilities.

Message from The Principal

I feel extremely delighted to pen down a few words here. I take delight in being a part of this institution and humbled to take the reigns and lead it. Since the 12 years of leading it, I can say that every day has been enlightening and invigorating.

While the struggles have been immense the joy that followed always did justice to the struggle.

As a school we strongly believe that every child is different and has something unique to offer. We strive to focus on that uniqueness and mould it. 

In this challenging time I want to thank all teachers who consistently worked towards making the online classes a success. At the same time, the enthusiastic participation of students and parents is truly boosting us to reach higher and offer varied platforms through which we can offer the best to our dear students.

Please keep yourselves updated through this website.

Keep learning!!! Keep striving!!!

  • Vision-Mission-Values

    To establish a school that that provides good quality education to the children of the locality

    To provide free education for financially weak children from the surrounding hills and villages

    To inspire a passion for learning and provide quality education for all


    To provide a high quality comprehensive, and meaningful education for all students.